Friday, February 26, 2010

blowing off the cobwebs

It has been quite a while since my last blog post, and many things have happened between then and now so I apologize if this is a long post. 
A couple days after my last blog post in December my Uncle Tom (my mother's brother and my god father) past away from bladder cancer at the age of 47 which is still a very hard pill to swallow. 
Dad (left) and Uncle Tom (right)

Christmas came and went, my uncle's wake, and then is was New Year's. January was a bleak month and this weather has not helped the situation at all. The little ones have enjoyed the weather though.
 My creative juices really haven't started flowing until recently.  
Every year we celebrate Chinese New Year with my Aunt Maureen and Uncle Paul, who makes the best food you will ever taste.  I always try to make them something special for the holiday as a thank you and let them know I am proud of my "Chinese" heritage (when I was little I used to tell people I was part Chinese, my cousins are so why am I not?.... hey I was little).  This year I made them an ancient Chinese fairy door (my aunt loves doors, when she goes on vacation that is mostly the pictures she brings back), I fell in love with them after stumbling upon this website.  My uncle and aunt were happy about the door.

Ancient Chinese Fairy Door
Aunt Maureen, Uncle Paul, and Suzy Kwan (Dad)

I also took a class on February 12th with Kecia of Lemocholy Studio, she is an amazing teacher and artist.  I really suggest taking a class with her if you ever get a chance.  I ended up making a beautiful necklace, from broken jewelry and non-jewelry items, which I can't wait for flea market season to start up to find goodies to make more.
Last week I started to get in the spring holiday spirit and made St. Patrick's Day and Easter goodies.  The Easter ones look good enough to eat but are completely non-edible.
They are all listed for sale in our Etsy and Artfire shops, and more can always be made....

Once again we had snow, big surprise... so Eoghan and I ended up making a Mega Block mini-zoo yesterday...

I think this wraps it up for the most part but stay tuned in for new creations that are turning out awesome... a little teaser.... Alice in Wonderland.... I'm very excited!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010