Tuesday, March 30, 2010

EtsyNJ Team Tuesday- Organize

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Ok so this past week or so I have been swapping my rooms around and doing some nitty gritty cleaning and the part of the Spring cleaning I am currently in the middle of is the organizing.  So what better topic to look up than organizing...

Linen and Morning Call Tea Kettle Egg Bag Holder by Liesl

2010 Handmade Agenda by Caradidi

Headband Holder by Kissable Kreations

Medium Size Diaper Clutch by MissEmmasCloset

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  1. organization is wonderful! Still getting organized myself!!!

  2. Wow - headband holder! What an awesome idea! Great stuff here. :)

  3. So if you didn't tell mas a diaper holder I would be carrying it around thinking I had the latest fashion!!! LOL
    Great organizing stuff!!!

  4. I'm changing rooms around too!! Great post and terrific organizing items with flair!! :D